About us

SageFund is a part of SageGroup

Sage Group was founded by Amazon business professionals to help sellers with different ​areas of their business​es​. We are passionate about Amazon​.

SageGroup combines solutions for different areas of Amazon business, including SageSeller software, SageFund broker, and SageAudit solutions for Amazon roll-up companies.

Illia Cheherst

Hi, I’m Illia, I’m happy to have you here.

We will be glad to help you with buying or selling your Amazon business. Our goal is to make your life easier and find a match for your dream deal. Buying or selling your Amazon business is an important step, and you need to valuate all pros and cons before making it. Me and my team are here to make the process smooth. With us, you will be confident that you get the best offer and your deal is a win-win game.

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