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​With us, you’ll get the best ​and quick ​deal, reliable buyer,​ and​ fair price​.​

How it works


We assist in preparing your Amazon business description, setting​ up your goals, finding​ the top acquirer​ and initial business valuation.

The business price estimation comes with average valuation multiplier of 2,5 to 4,5.

Due diligence

The acquirer​​ analyses ​key Amazon business metrics, manufacturer base, marketing indicators and risk factors.

After due diligence the acquirer​​ provides ​their​ initial offer

Legal documents

All necessary legal documents are concluded. Everything ready to close the deal.

Deal closing

Transfer of funds

The average time for all steps is less that 1,5 months

Important criteria of your business valuation

Business metrics
Key business metrics of your Amazon store are ​evaluated as a whole and for each SKU​. What is analysed:​ Net Profit, Margin, ROI, Sales Revenue​, etc.
The manufacturer you work with, location, quality and reliability.
Marketing indicators
Internal Amazon advertising and PPC campaign efficiency, ACoS, external advertising sources. Channels: Amazon marketplaces, other marketplaces.
Risk score
Availability of trademarks, ​required certificates, product patents.​ As well as ​Amazon account suspension or ban risks.
Business size
The average businesses considered for sale​ have from $1​M to $20​M annual sales. ​Even if your business is not that big yet, contact us, we will find a buyer for you.
Business type
Your sales should on average be comprised of 80% FBA, any type of account, individual, or business. Even if your business uses other fulfillment methods, contact us, we will find a buyer for you​​.

Interested in selling your Amazon business?

We will be happy to answer your questions and help you sell your business. Fill out the form, and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours!

We will help you find a trustworthy acquirer​​ that will care about your business growth. We will provide a free introduction, and ensure that you get the best possible deal.

We get ​the ​payment from the business acquirer​ only, after the deal is ​successfully ​closed.

You don’t need to engage in any specific preparations. Our team will find a potential customer for you and ​ensure ​that the deal is ​smooth for you.

The average deal: if your Amazon business is successful, you can sell it​​ ​at ​2.5x​-​4.5​x​ annual profit.

Our network ​comprises established​ and ​qualified acquirers. ​We make sure that​ ​every acquirer​ has a history of deals and testimonials.

FBA acquirers take business​es​ to the next level, ​since ​they have enough expertise and experience to grow it​.

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